We offer this innovative Biometric Fingerprint / RFID Proximity Card Reader Time and Attendance Management Software for free in conjunction with our Biometric Fingerprint / RFID Proximity Card Reader Units direct to customers and to Retailers for on-sale to their own customers.

We offer full O.D.M. (Original Design Manufacturer) Services. We can include your Company Logo and Details on all Hardware, Software, Marketing Brochures, Guides and User Manuals. Contact us for pricing details.

We also offer full O.E.M. (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Services for Customised Software Solutions. Contact us for pricing details.

Furthermore, we offer discounts for high unit volume orders!

Interested Retailers, please contact us for details regarding our Resellers Terms and Conditions, as well as for pricing information.

Interested customers, please contact us for details of our Resellers or for prices in regions not currently serviced by our Resellers.



Our Biometric Fingerprint / RFID Proximity Card Unit Time and Attendance Management Software enables HR / Payroll Administrators Administrators to quickly and easily administer our Biometric Fingerprint / RFID Proximity Card Units, add and delete employees, download attendance records, etc., as well as configure employee shifts, input employee information and create Attendance and Work Time Calculation Reports, etc.
  • Convenient, simple setting of various and complex working hours, enabling easy employee time management.
  • Can be set for festivals or holidays.
  • Enables detailed attendance statistical reports.
  • Convenient browsing, viewing and printing of attendance records or attendance statistical reports.
  • Fully compatible with all Windows Operating Systems and Network environments.
  • Meets the needs of various enterprise, factory and company human resource management (HR management).
  • Customisable report formats to suit management requirements.
  • Simple settings to deal with many kinds of situations, such as working overtime, sick leave, maternity leave, leave of absence, going out or going on business temporarily, etc.
  • Flexible database settings. Output standard data formats suitable for many kinds of existing payroll applications.
  • Supports network based applications.
  • Excellent background software management.
  • Stand-alone or network sharable Database.
  • Simple importing and exporting of Database records.

Free with all our Biometric Fingerprint / RFID Proximity Card Units!

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